Saturdays 10am, give your child the gift of laughter and valuable life skills. Simply playing Improv games in a safe fun space develops self confidence, self awareness, listening, focus, public speaking,creative writing, critical thinking and more. Every EIGHT WEEK session includes warm-up, technique building and performance Improv comedy games. We also include a stand up comedy section, turning personal stories of experience and observation into original comedy routines. A must for every aspiring performer, we use these same games to teach corporate groups team, leadership, sales and service.

Congrats to all our students!!!

We have been offering educational outreach since 2003 and opened our Times Square NYC school in 2011. So now we have students in and out of college, a few even joining our professional ranks as teaching artists.

Some of our students are even out their winning competitions and popping up on TV. Our goal is to create a fun safe space to play. We never thought of ourselves as a school for professional kids. But our program is turning out some amazing talents….

In 2019, at just 12 years old, Carolyn White was crowned America’s Funniest Kid by Kenan Thompson after just six months of classes. Carolyn whites five minutes of New comedy material daily AND appears with our professional company from time to time.
Saloni Singh was one of our many students winning positions after NYC semi finals in December 2019. Finally able to get back together in 2022, Saloni was crowd the new top comic. 2019 winner, Carolyn White was the shows guest headliner. In 2018, our student, Judah Angert took second place.
Myra Beji is working as an actress and model on TV and commercials. Watch Myra on Disney+ THE QUEST. Now 18, Myra is performing with the professional cast.
Starring on Mighty Ducks (Disney+), reoccurring on Succession (HBO) and taking the world by storm, Sway Bhatia is a teen star and will be huge force for years to come.