Summer 2023 Day Camp /Sleep Away Camp Improv 4 Kids Special Discount

  • EMAIL NOW & Book before May 1st to get discount rates for Summer 2023 Day Camp /Sleep Away Camps Shows 4 Kids & Teens, Workshops, Residencies, Professional Development 4 Staff. Pay just $600/show (NYC School rate, Reg $800+ outside the city) or $1200/day (up to FOUR shows/workshops, reg $1500 NYC, $2000+ Outside city limits) for any Camp in New Jersey, Connecticut, New York City and the surrounding counties Long Island (Nassau & Suffolk), Westchester, Rockland, Orange, Putnam, Dutchess, Ulster and Sullivan.
  • BEYOND NYC area, our touring presents shows at k12 schools and camps DC to Boston weekly.
  • We also host field trips to our Times Square theater.

Interactive Musical Comedy Shows 4 Kids / Teens / Families

Since 2003, Improv 4 Kids has been touring schools, camps, community centers and family events, providing high impact, low cost entertainment. Every show features original skits ands songs improvised based on audience suggestions an participation. No two shows are ever the same. The cast features top talent from NYC stage & screen. Many kids/teens and some staff are invited on stage to help steer the comedy for directly, while the entire audience helps provide ideas (favorite movies, TV, songs, books, sports etc) for the next game.

FYI In Improv, every skit and song is called a game. We play for a living because there is no better way to teach than through play and story. Our shows do not only entertain; we teach powerful messages about community, leadership, story telling and more. We pair wonderfully with cultural arts, language arts and character building programs.


Want to increase the educational value AND the fun? Add a workshop. We can work with up to 30 kids at a time for each teaching artist. A single workshop session is a powerful introduction building creativity, critical thinking, public speaking, listening, focus, self confidence and self awareness. For so many students they just need a spark, 5 minutes of agency and self worth. Improv can provide that.

Artist Residency

Want to add Improv Comedy & Theater as a daily/weekly program? Our teachers are stationed all over NYC and beyond. Whether compressed into a single week OR stretched out over a number of weeks, our students are ready to do an entire show as after just 6-8 2 hour sessions. After just a couple sessions they are ready to show off their talents in a game or two.

Our residencies create student leaders and better community members. A few of our students even get work on TV, commercials and theater – a few hired by our own company. But more importantly, Improv trains all of us to be better at everything we do. We don’t just get better jobs with these skills, we can run the joint.

Professional Development 4 Staff

Why should the kids have all the fun. Our staff are corporate team building specialists. Clients include JP Morgan Chase, Bloomberg, TikTok, Meta, Google, Coach, Louis Vuitton, HSBC, Bank of America, and 100s more. We use improv to teach team, leadership, sales and service to fortune 500 companies and many smaller firms. Teachers and Camp Staff have to be ALL of the above at some point.

Not JUST 4 Kids, Great for Teens too!

Past Summer Camp Clients Include Oasis Camps, YMCA, YWCA, YMHA YWHA, JCC, 92 Y and in the past 20 years we have traveled to Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and more.

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