Comedy Classes/Outreach Programming

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Using The Power of Play & Story to teach valuable life skills and spread much needed laughter! We offer classes in Improv Comedy, Stand-Up Comedy, Music and even fully staged theater productions via our Times Square Comedy School, Online Sessions, K12 field trips, workshops, residencies and even professional development for staff/teachers. Currently, as mandated by New York City and State, we are enforcing strict vaccine mandates and mask wearing in all our classes. Our entire staff is vaccinated as of Spring 2021.


  • Comedy 4 Kids Saturdays 12pm TIMES SQUARE In Person $40/class
  • Comedy 4 Teens Saturdays 10am TIMES SQUARE In Person $40/class
  • Comedy 4 Kids Mondays 5:30pm ONLINE on ZOOM $25/class
  • Also ADVANCED Comedy 4 Teens by invitation only. OLDER Teens 16+ may also join our ADULT classes see more via
  • EMAIL for more information on public classes, private workshops, residencies, after school programming and professional develop for teachers/staff.

2006 3-day Workshops for Ohio National Guard

PLAY and STORY are two of the most effective ways to teach new skills. Improv at its core is playing games and telling stories. We bring the community together with laughter. Meanwhile, simply playing these games develops creative writing, critical thinking, team communications, public speaking, listening & focus, respect for others, and self-confidence. After a time, impro also teaches empathy.

Themes of Every Class/Workshop/Residency

  • Our #1 Rule: HAVE FUN but never at another’s expense.
  • Universal #1 Rule of Improv: “YES! And…” Accept and support your team.
  • #1 Skill used in Improv: Listening
  • EVERYONE IMPROVISES!!!! No experience necessary. Over time you may decide to train to be a professional but these games are accessible to all on day one!
  • There are no mistakes in Improv. So never fear messing up. It can’t happen.
  • Focus on making your teammates succeed. No need to worry about yourself because the whole team has your back.
  • Daily Homework Assignment #1: Start every day with a smile. Get the positive vibes flowing and lead by example so most smile back at you!
  • Daily Homework Assignment #2: OBSERVE your world. Everything you need to succeed as a comedian and/or story teller is all around you. Keep a journal of your experiences and observations.


Improv Comedy shows & workshops are always a series of games. We play for a living. We use the exact same games with kids, teens and adults. The workshop we present to 8yos is almost identical to our corporate team building and other workshops used to teach leadership, sales and service. In fact we try to get adults to pretend to be 5yos when playing games.

Every session starts with a warm-up. A game or two that connects us as a team, helps us find focus – physically and mentally, and helps us warm up our bodies and voices. Improv is a form of theater arts.

We then focus on games that build techniques – “TES! And…” connections, story telling, listening and responding, pantomime (physical performance), rhyming games, etc.

Finally we include at least one performance game. Our philosophy is to give students a sense of accomplishment immediately. In the very first class every student will have a chance to perform and get a laugh.


We love to recreate or our famous Times Square programs at your school, camp or community center. In just 8 weeks, (eight 1-2 hour sessions) students will be ready to perform a show. A single workshop is a powerful tool to teach valuable life lessons. An extended study of Improv via residencies, after school programming or our public classes creates leaders that can excel in all areas.

Professional Development

Our workshops for teachers and staff serve two purposes.

  1. Corporate Style Training – Team Building, Leadership, Sales, Customer Service etc. A teacher serves many roles. A teacher is so much more than one who imparts knowledge. You work on a team, along side other teachers and staff. You are a leader, managing and inspiring dozens at a time. You have to deal with complaints from students, teachers and administration. And you have to sell to many, convincing them why they should strive to be a better student. You are also a performer, trying to hold attention. Your classroom is a small theater.
  2. Training teachers to use Improv in the classroom. Akin to our corporate workshops, we hope you will use these games to start a class. Get the blood flowing, wake up your students with some laughter. Studies at John Hopkins have shown humor in the class room to raise test scores. Laughter reduces stress. It tears down walls of distrust. It pumps oxygen to the brain, increasing focus. And it can turn your class into a team learning together.