Winter 2021 Private Show Options – Improv 4 Kids

Just like we you, we cannot wait to get back to Times Square and touring schools nationwide. But we also cannot wait to deliver some much needed laughs to the community. We brag all sorts of amazing side effects to Read more

Quirky Girl Ascension (Comedy 4 Teens October Sketch Class Project)

Written & Directed & Choreographed by Carolyn White Starring Carolyn White, Emmett Rosenbaum, Justin Sasserath, Ami Gillon Edited by Walt Frasier We do not own ANY of the followingCGI Animation of Space provided by Pixels Karaoke track purchased via Read more

Online Programs, New Resources 4 Kids, Teens, Schools, Libraries, Community Centers

We hope you are staying safe. We had hoped to be back performing at schools, camps and libraries by now, but this is where we are. However we have been busy presenting online programs for kids & teens, both shows Read more