Virtual Birthday Parties NYC Improv Comedy Available Worldwide

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We have been hosting Birthday parties since 2003, our first year performing in New York City. We have visited dozens of private homes, catering facilities and even hosted private events at our Times Square Theater.

We have TWO primary options.

  • 45-minute show
  • 45-60 minute workshop
  • We could offer a hybrid if time allows.
  • EMAIL us for dates/rates and more information.

Interactive Improv Comedy Show

We have presented over 6000+ shows for K12/family audiences since 2003, Live from Times Square and touring nationwide. We have hosted many birthday groups to our Off Broadway shows as well as private events. Whether at our theater, your living room, building community room or now on ZOOM, Improv comedy is a fun way to get all involved in a professional comedy show. These shows/parties will be talked about for years. And your child can become a star. We don’t force anyone to be involved but we do have many chances for audience guests to get into the show. Sound Effects, Human Mad Libs, Three Headed Expert, Human Slide Show and more all use audience volunteers to steer the comedy direction on stage with the pros.

Comedy Workshops

We usually recommend the show, as it is accessible to all, but a comedy workshop can be amazing for a group of friends that all love theater and/or comedy. One of our teaching artists leads the group in a series of games. This is similar to the workshop we present at schools as well as corporate team building events. They are a ton of fun and teach valuable skills. Here is a video of some of our kids/teens performing.

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