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It’s Friday August 28, 2020 and we just finished our first virtual field trip school assembly of 2020-2021 for a Connecticut School.

Dozens of kids socially distanced in their cafetorium, with a few wide screen TVS and the fifth grader sitting near the teachers lap top served as the audience spokesperson for the class. This was more like our live show than anything in the past 5 months.

Virtual Private Shows

In the past we charged $600-1200 to do a show at your school. Book a virtual show now for just $200. Book additional shows and save (Just $150 for additional shows same week.). Bring some much need laughs and helps us put thee amazing artists back to work.

Workshops & Residencies

From our Summer 2020 virtual comedy camp!

Online classes are another way to get the students laughing while learning creative writing, public speaking, and listening. We use the same workshops to teach corporate groups team building, leadership/management, sales and customer service.

  • Drop in Workshop $75/hour per teacher
  • Residency/After School Program $400 for 8 hours, $40/additional hour – Includes a showcase for parents (Live or Taped and shared privately)


  • We have a series of study guides and online videos to help students progress and continue the fun and learning outside of class time.
  • Free admission to public shows virtual shows Sundays 3pm for the whole family.


New, from Walt Frasier (pre-order now for 8/31 release) is a text book for comedy class you can use with your students. Just 2.99 via Kindle and 7.99 for the paperback. CLICK HERE to read it free via KindleUnlimited

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