Improv 4 Kids Summer Camp / School Shows

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NYC DOE VENDOR – BOCES – MCPS (MD) Superintendants List, FCPS, (VA)
These shows are currently available online and LIVE where the local government has deemed it legal to do so. Currently our NYC theater is closed until Stage Four operations are allowed.
(Currently estimated for late August)

We performed our first K12 school show when Farmington, CT school district called us in 2003. “Can you do Improv 4 Kids?”

At the time, no one was offering this service. We had barely started showcasing as a troupe, not even a company yet. We said yes. We figured it out. We improvised….

Since then, we have entertained 5000+ K12/family audiences, both hosting shows at our Times Square, including field trips and student groups form around the world, and touring nationwide to schools, camps, community centers and family events (Birthdays, Weddings, reunions). We have even performed for BRING OUR KID TO WORK days. Now in Quarentine we have presented 18 online shows for DATADOG employees’ children in the past two months alone.

Improv 4 Kids Show

“A production you and your children don’t want to miss” – ABC NEWS 7 NY 2007

Whether at our NYC theater or at your facility, every Improv 4 Kids show by the cast of EIGHT IS NEVER ENOUGH delivers high energy fast paced entertainment. Songs and Skits are created on the spot based on audience suggestions and participation. No two shows are ever the same.

Our Master of Ceremonies (MC) starts the show, introducing the students to Improv, sometimes even teaching how to be a great audience. Never yell at kids to listen. We teach them how. Improv is the #1 skill in all the arts. For the audience, Improv is an active participation event. you can sit back and watch, but the excitement comes from the audience/artist partnership in creating the show.

FCPS – Fairfax VA school circa 2007

The it’s time for our opening number. Usually a song or high energy group game, we get the show rocking and the kids’ attention.

NYC Parks – 72nd Street Pier summer stages circa 2010

The 30-60 minute show continues with a variety of games, alternation audience interactive games, musical games and traditional games that really show off the cast and their Improv skills.

Connecticut Day Camp circa 2013

ALMOST every shows includes (These may be adjusted in the near future as per COVID-19 social distancing restrictions):

COLUMNS (AKA Human Mad Libs) -Players (The Improv term for performers in the show) improvise a scene with deliberate blanks, filled in by audience volunteers. For the live shows we actually get 2-4 kids on stage. For online shows, we use the chat function.

SOUND EFFECTS – Players improvise a scene, enhanced byt sound effects by two audience volunteers. Volunteers are instructed to make sounds based on the players words and actions. Conversely, the players react to all sounds and justify accordingly.

FREEZE FRAME – Players narrate a series of slides – human photos created by audience volunteers posing (Improv version of the mannequin challenge)



First of all, Improv is quite entertaining. It is a highly engaging form of theater and music.


Improv comedy is storytelling 101. Shows & classes both teach elements of a story – character, setting, plot (WHO WHERE WHAT in Improv). Also listening, public speaking and more.


We use Improv Comedy to teach corporate groups leadership and team. The #1 skill in Improv is Listening. The #1 rule, “YES! AND…” is all about supporting each other. But most importantly, simply playing these games builds self confidence. Our students from public classes in Times Square and online become student leaders.

The Science of Laughter

We need laughter in our lives now more than ever!!!!

What can laughter do?

Here are just some benefits for mental, physical and social health

  • Lower blood pressure
  • Increase vascular blood flow and oxygenation of the blood
  • Give a workout to the diaphragm and abdominal, respiratory, facial, leg, and back muscles
  • Reduce certain stress hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline •Increase the response of tumor- and disease-killing cells such as Gamma-interferon and T-cells
  • Defend against respiratory infections–reducing the frequency of colds–by immunoglobulin in saliva.
  • Increase memory and learning; in a study at Johns Hopkins University Medical School, humor during instruction led to increased test scores
  • Improve alertness, creativity, and memory

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