Winter 2021 Private Show Options – Improv 4 Kids

Just like we you, we cannot wait to get back to Times Square and touring schools nationwide. But we also cannot wait to deliver some much needed laughs to the community. We brag all sorts of amazing side effects to our Improv class but the most important thing we deliver is the laughs. Laughter gives hope. Laughter helps cardio and mental health. Laughter in schools raises test score according to John Hopkins studies.

Contact us now and book in the next 4-5 weeks for just $200. This includes a 45-minute show for up to 90 students. We host on our ZOOM platform or happy have you host and use your platform of choice. Each show will feature four performers form our off-Broadway cast. Check out this May 7 show for a Brooklyn NY School

Sunday November 1, 2020 Shows and Classes

Improv 4 Kids presents their monthly online show, today at 3pm. Fun for the whole family.

CLICK HERE to register and get ZOOM links. PROFESSIONAL SHOW Every performer is paid. However if money is tight you can register for free. Or you can support the arts by buying a $5-20 ticket option. This show played weekly in Times Square with a $25 ticket PLUS a one drink minimum.

5pm Comedy 4 Kids

Sundays, Mondays and Wednesdays at 5pm we are offering an interactive comedy class for kids 7-12 (preteens with experience in our classes often bumped to teens sessions).

1pm Sketch Comedy 4 Teens

This class is not available for public purchase. This class requires some background in comedy writing and performance. The students have been taking our improv and stand up comedy classes for 1-6 years. CLICK HERE to sign up for Teen classes Saturdays 12pm and After School Tuesdays and Thursdays at 5pm. First hour is dedicated to improv. Optional stand up comedy open mic follows for 15-30 minutes. Check out our latest comedy videos.

Improv 4 Kids (2 Book Series) now available on Amazon, FREE via KindleUnlimited

  • Stand-Up Comedy by Walt Fraser is a text book for comics and teachers looking to bring fun creative writing sections into the classroom.
  • Improv on Zoom by Walt Frasier is a list of games with tips and tricks to play online as well as Improv technique and wisdom.

Walt Frasier has been teaching kids, teens and adults for 18 years. In addition to his comedy school in Times Square (NOW Online) Frasier has worked with hundreds of corporate teams, colleges and K12 schools.

EMAIL to book private shows/workshops for schools, camps, community centers and family events can be scheduled anytime for just $200. Up to 100 guests can interact with the artist and enjoy the 45-minute show. (regular $600-800/show LIVE in time square or at your venues)

MORE from EIGHT IS NEVER ENOUGH improv including adult classes and shows for corporate groups, colleges etc

Online Programs, New Resources 4 Kids, Teens, Schools, Libraries, Community Centers

We hope you are staying safe. We had hoped to be back performing at schools, camps and libraries by now, but this is where we are. However we have been busy presenting online programs for kids & teens, both shows and workshops. 

Improv Zoom

NEW From Improv 4 Kids: Two books to teach Creative Writing 4 Kids & Teens. Both are available on Amazon, discounted for libraries. FREE via KindleUnlimited 

Stand-Up Comedy by Walt Fraser is a text book for comics and teachers looking to bring fun creative writing sections into the classroom.

Improv on Zoom by Walt Frasier is a list of games with tips and tricks to play online as well as Improv technique and wisdom.

Online Shows & Classes

From Summer Comedy Camp 2020 – We ran TEN weeks with 40+ kids & teens participating!!!

Improv 4 Kids / Improv 4 Teens performing 5000+ K12 shows and workshops since 2003 in Times Square and touring nationwide to schools, parks, camps, libraries, JCCs, YMCAs and other community centers. 

Every show features original skits and songs improvised based on audience suggestions and participation. Every workshop gets the kids/teens performing while teaching creative writing, critical thinking, team communications, presentation skills, self respect, listening, focus and more. We use the same games to teach corporate groups team building, leadership/management, sales and customer service.

nyc parks

Online shows are just $200 (regularly $600-800 for live events). Workshops just $75 (regularly $250).

Comedy Classes resume after school and on weekends. Private events available nearly 24/7 for schools, libraries and other community centers. 5000+ K12 / Family shows since 2003.

We look forward to seeing you all in person soon. STAY SAFE!!!

Improv Kids

Stand-Up Comedy by Walt Frasier #1 on Amazon

Stand-Up Comedy by Walt Frasier is #1 on Amazon, thanks to all of our family and friends, including the hundreds of students and 1000s of fans of EIGHT IS NEVER ENOUGH (Improv 4 Kids, LMAO Off Broadway etc). 

Walt Frasier’s first published book is a guide for young comics and teachers creating curriculum in the classroom. Use comedy to inspire creative writing and public speaking. Bring much needed laughs to the classroom, whether at school or online.

CLICK HERE to read it free via KindleUnlimited, 2.99 via traditional Kindle and just 7.99 for the paper back edition.  The book is a must for comedy fans and students. It’s a great gift to young comics. It is also a textbook to guide teachers into using comedy to inspire students to embrace creative writing. 

Take comedy class with Walt Frasier

  • Comedy 4 Teens Saturdays 12-1:30pm Online
  • Advanced Comedy 4 Teens Sundays 1pm BY INVITE ONLY
  • Stand-Up Comedy Mondays 7pm Open Mic Online for 10-16yos (8pm Adult Class Welcomes 16yo+)

Also under Walt Frsier’s artistic direction

ALSO Weekly online shows

Summer Comedy Camp 2020 to be Online

QUICK LINKS – Registration and information for specific camps and classes. Starting June 29 we will offer TEN weeks of camp online! If the city allows LIVE camps at all, we will build in days where students can join us at the club 1-2 days/week each in reduced numbers to respect social distancing.


  • ONE Class $25, FOUR sessions $75
  • Half Day Camp $150
  • Full day of Camp ONE Week $225
  • FOUR Weeks of Camp $700
  • TEN Weeks of Camp $1400 (register for June 29 & August 3 at $1400)

It is bitter sweet to make this announcement. We were looking forward to an aggressive TEN weeks of camp, following a highly successful 2019 eight-week run. At this time, NYC schools have announced schools will continue online through summer and many camps have already cancelled. Either their districts have officially shut them down OR the ndecision has made it impossible to plan.

So we are responding with an aggressive plan to fill those gaps in many schedules. Register early if interested. We will add teachers and times as per demand!

Camps will run MONDAY thru THURSDAY. Fridays we will provide activities like shows & showcases to help keep campers busy as needed but we anticipate many will be traveling to the beach etc so all these will be bonus informal sessions. 

Last year, we hosted EIGHT weeks of comedy camp, with 8-24 campers aged 7-17 weekly. Before the quarantine, weekly classes includes 30+ campers. Now online, we have 40+ students weekly, including kids & teens from all over the country and Canada!

We are still optimistic we will have some summer camp in person at some point, but in addition to being a summer camp, we work out of a performance venue. We cannot operate until the city goes into stage four – according to Governor Cuomo’s repening guidelines.

WHEN WE DO REOPEN – we will invite all – in acceptable social distancing shifts – to do some LIVE shows, classes and hang outs. However we will not include lunch this summer – sorry NO DOMINOS, kids…. (Screams of sorrow heard across the city…. lol)

Until then we are continuing with much needed online offerings. PLEASE register early. We are expecting HUGE numbers as so many camps just do not have an online option. We are ready to add teachers and class times as needed as per demand!

As we cannot imagine doing SIX hours of comedy class/day, we are adding in classes for music and movement. These will add much needed exercise and training breathing etc.

Comedy Class

20-30 minutes OPEN MIC – Each camper gets 2-3 minutes to share their comedy stories, ideas etc. Before it’s your time, organize your thoughts with the daily writing exercise. brainstorm ideas & details, then outline your routine. Every time you repeat the same story change something. Add some funny, remove some waste etc. While the TEENTERN MC the open mic, the teacher will take notes and pass them on.

The final 30-40 minutes will be dedicated to Improv Comedy. We will learn one scene game/week plus play large group games.

Musical Comedy

Class starts with a warm-up that teaches voice and breathing technique. Campers will learn some musical improv game – online this will mostly include rhythmic games like Beastie Rap. Each week we will also teach one game like Irish Jig or Blues. OPTIONAL for the last 15 minutes, Ryan will coach on musical theater songs. Sing a capella, with karaoke tracks or if you have piano skills, you can play too.


Every performer will benefit from the physical training. Everyone needs a little exercise in these quarantine times. Daily sessions will include acting warm-ups, stretching, dance and more.

  • $150/week – Sign up for HALF day of classes and get Comedy plus ONE additional skill set.
  • $225/week – Sign for for FULL day of classes get TWO comedy classes plus TWO additional skill sets.
  • $700 = Sign up for four FOUR weeks of camp and get at least one performance showcase and private coaching.

All of the above include additional bonus sessions including professional shows ( family friendly by the teachers and other cast mates from EIGHT IS NEVER ENOUGH), free time with the TEEN TENRS (Mafia, Werewolf and other games) and more….